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Performance by Jaras Ramunas and band "Mielas mano paukštužėli"

Performance "Mielas mano paukštužėli"

Kaunas, LT, State Drama Theatre, at Ninth "Aura" Dance Festival, 1999-Oct-01. The name means "Dear birdie".

Photos by Rytis Mikulėnas

What we did:
Started from a dance of elephanties (not depicted in photos). Then the stuff that you see in photos (some music, dancing, puppet, brick, wing, and bottle). Bottle was slowly destroyed with pliers in the silence of the theater public by me, laying. Picture number 10 shows this just after destruction. Then Konstantinas appeared and sang a sad song about the birdie. After that we played a little more at the hall dressed in suits.

Lithuanian press didn't like the performance. There was one article and it called the happening "unprofessional" mainly. I will upload that article, just need to find and translate it. Organizers deleted filmed material of this performance, probably because they thought it was shamefull. Well, what to do. There were too less of performance art in Lithuania these days.

However, organizer of the festival Birutė Letukaitė said in private phone conversation: "... I really like what you did yesterday on stage and I want to say I was shocked! .. shocked at the fact that you still did it." Listener Gediminas: "The sad saga of an avant-garde birdie had to dole many hearts of virtuous Lithuanians I bet <...> on the other hand, it is a real treat to see little sparrow behave as a great phoenix, and instead of leaving virtuous Lithuanian in the darkness, he weaved a splendiferous melody by the hands of mourners. ...it is hard in Lithuania, but it appears larks are finding their places under the sun."

Played together:
Konstantinas Kružikas (vocal), Smolnas (guitar), Darius Tamulis (bass guitar). At this performance I mainly performed, not played.

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