The Plague

Review of The Best of ENDICHE VIS.SAT

Daniel Hinds, The Plague, 2000

This Lithuanian outfit, helmed by Jaras Ramunas, weaves together delicate sonic tapestries, utilizing everything from analog synths to violins to accordions.

The first song is very soft and gentle in its string and washed-out accordion execution, while the second one brings in some unusual percussion and melancholic saxophone solos.  All subtlety is thrown out the window with track three, which begins as a warped polka only to devolve into noisy ambience and edgy samples. The fourth track is a bit folkier in nature, with some excellent vocals. Song #6 has a quieter, soundtrack-like feel, while seven returns to the noisy approach... The fourteen-minute finale brings us full circle, back to the calm feeling of the opening track, utilizing more percussion than any other song here as it builds ever so slowly.

If you enjoy challenging, avant-garde compositions, you may well love ENDICHE VIS.SAT. This album splices together so many different styles and sounds.
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