Planet Pluto Records

Review of The Best of ENDICHE VIS.SAT

"Just Plain" Joe, Planet Pluto Records, 2000

So I surf over to the site, which by the way links sometimes to their other homesite. There I read some press on this band from Lithuania, and to put it plainly became entranced with the whole music scene from over there as I listened to their music via streaming real audio.

Soon after, I got my own copy of their music.

This particular CD was hypnotic and extremely psychedelic. I then realized that music wasn't the only thing these musicians had in common with their American friends, these guys know how to party, I guarantee you that!!!

So what of the music? This CD starts off like a musical score, you are on a journey which takes you through many dimensions. To me the music itself was pure genius. Everyone needs something to compare to so I say THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM/ B-SIDE/ REVOLUTION NUMBER 9.

I remember playing this music on our computer at home and my wife said, "Wow, who's that" ? We both listened to all of their music on the net, and they have a lot. I have never done that before. The CD they sent I have played umteen times and hear something new each time. Its almost like house music, but not a constant beat, it is very, very trippy and a mood setter to say the least.

You would be selling yourself very short if you did'nt right now go check this band out.

All of this in mind, stay cool and surf more often.
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