Review of 'The Best of ENDICHE VIS.SAT'

L'entrepot, 2000

It seems that Lithuanians have more in common with Finland than only on a linguistic base. It seems that it has the same taste for experimental music as Finland. There are some countrys as New Zealand, Finland or Montreal where they don't think in strict terms as Jazz, Rock, Techno, Trip hop, Classic or whatever, where everything is made to feed the drift of experimentation, and it seems that Lithuania is one of these countries.

The first song on this CD sounds rather traditional. Certainly when you hear which instruments they use; a clarinet, oboe, violin, accordion. But what they do with it: a sound between DAU and David Thomas, very pure, is certainly not ordinary. The second song follows also that direction. The sound of a ticking clock, with clarinet, a subtle bass on a continuous loop of the ticking, Great.

But then the sound changes totally, on the third piece they bring in a strange melting pot of noise, ironic or a parody of folk music in a very rough and aggressive cut and paste manner. This is far most the most difficult song on the CD. The next one has something of the Drone rock of Amplifiers with very strange vocals, and on song five we here the violin, the oboe, and the clarinet with a subtle Jazz bass line again, but this time on a much more experimental basis. It sounds a little bit like the Matmos remix of the Rachel's. The next one builds up really quiet, minimal, until it explodes after six minutes. And after all those musical violins we get a little bit of rest with the next song in which they use the traditional instruments again, to make a tranquil song, like a song for a soundtrack, for example.

As the name of the CD already says, this is more a compilation of songs, rather than a real album as such, but that is the only possible downside to this great but sometimes difficult CD.
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