Review of The Best of ENDICHE VIS.SAT

incursion-publishing, 2000

An experimental music group from Lithuania presents this "best of" collection covering their diverse career of live performances and studio work in the late 90s. Anything goes here from the contemplative to the frantic, from quiet drones to chaotic noise-collages, from ambient and hard-edged techno to more jovial Lithuanian folk music. The moods and textures are all over the place and the CD certainly does its job to represent the many sides of ENDICHE VIS.SAT. The disc opens up with a melancholic piece for clarinet, drones and electric accordion. Track 5 opens up with a quiet drone, footsteps and an eerie mood, as if you are walking through a twisting hallway and turning sharp corners, never knowing what to expect with every new turn. Whispers and soft tones from the clarinet and piano direct the next contemplative piece, which is one of my favourites here. More noise on the seventh track, and then the disc ends commendably in the quiet and contemplative vein as it began. ENDICHE VIS.SAT are at their best when they are their most quiet and contemplative; undoubtedly the best tracks on this disc (those with the most maturity, vision and coherence) are the ones where the group is performing with quiet sounds and slow rhythms.
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