Grave Concerns

Review of The Best of ENDICHE VIS.SAT

Julie Johnson, Grave Concerns, 2000

There really is no other CD like this. ENDICHE VIS.SAT keep it unique. The band creates peaceful sounds that let your mind do the thinking. The songs make your mind wander easy. With many instruments working together like the flute, clarinet and other band instruments they really have separated themselves musically from other groups. The bring out rich cultural atmospheres especially on the opening track. ENDICHE VIS.SAT sends out a jazzy new age ethereal feel. Track 2 advances by adding a light drumming almost like a tapping sound and a female voice emerges to accent the music. The voice sends a tranquil beauty. Track 3, is quite different. I don't understand the spoken words, but I like the different transitions with the voices, and the effects of heaviness. I get a radio feel with this, meaning I feel like the music is switching channels. I hear the sound of a record player, I hear TV channels being flipped though, and I hear polka music all in one song.  It seems like the songs setting would be most fitting for the 40'-50's with the TV sounds. Something the band might be brining in from their cultural and history. There are also many different samples going through this song. Track 4, is back the slower feel. I feel like I should be at a temple or celebrating a religious celebration. Good use of a chant like vocal, even if I had no clue what they were saying. Ok, well now it is up to you to hear the rest of this CD. This is one of the most bizarre CD's that I have heard. This is definitely out there with a good mix of jazzy tones, classical, ethereal, and experimental sounds.
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