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'klebonishkis' is beautiful and totally unique! it's so refreshing to hear someone doing something that is not copying other artists...' (michael-hayes)

'tracks one and two ['klebonishkis' and 'introduction'] contain musical motifs which are sweet and serenade the listener. track three ['kernave'] is a disturbing collage of sound which makes the listener experience so many different things that it almost seems like a journey into insanity. track four ['roomai'] is different, and is like the score for an experimental ballet. in it you move from music into sound so slowly that one can hardly tell the difference. track six ['water kas been here iii'] begins tribal, electronically and egyptian then turns into a journey into space. track seven ['her closed eyes'] is a symphony of mislaid emotional cannibalism. it is hauntingly magnificent. track eight ['drops into the well'] is by far the most cohesive and accessible of all and contains elements of rock, jazz and classical music.' (chuck vella, outer seventh records)


1. klebonishkis 9:07
2. introduction 3:51
3. kernave (mix from project) 12:20
4. roomai 5:53
5. live in shiauliai 6:57
6. water kas been here iii 9:40
7. her closed eyes (mix from project) 8:19
8. drops into the well 14:35

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'there really is no other cd like this.' (grave concerns)

'i definitely have to be in one of those moods because it definitely is on the real experimental side. i like 'klebonishkis' very much... it's definitely my favorite. very moody and sad'. (jaysun huck)

'love the ENDICHE sounds! the second track (with female vocs) ['introduction'] is beautiful!' (randomART magazine)

'live in shiauliai'. only one word: wonderful! your music is fascinating and sweet...' (lorenza somogji bianchi)

'i am very fascinated by the process with which you produce music. at times there seems to be meaning and order, and then at other times it seems as though you are manipulating reality at random. the cd is wonderful, and proves to me beyond a doubt that you and your band are experimental geniuses.' (chuck vella, outer seventh records)

'it is amazing. i am very impressed. [...] tracks 2, ['introduction'] 3 ['kernave'] and 4 ['roomai'] i am very impressed with. whole album is good. it feels like dark, evil jazz album with folkish (balt/slav?) influences. even i hear a bit of polka somwhere...' (rudy a carrera, falcata-galia recordings)

'... it is such an intresting sound.' (dougless, clevelandhits)

'... decent album.' (in perpetual motion)

all music by Jaras Ramunas. 1 - music by Jaras Ramunas and mieczyslaw litwinsky, 5 - music by ENDICHE VIS.SAT, 4 - accompaneted by andrew nixon and 'karpaty magyczne' (song can be also found on the cd 'ksiega utopii').
recorded: 1 - 1992 autumn, 'pop centras' studio. taken from 'studio of quiet' album, 2 - 1999 summer, 3. recorded 1992-1998, mixed 1998-1999. taken from 'kernave' album, 4 - 1999 spring, gdansk radio sound studio, 5 - 1996 autumn, siauliai philharmonic society, 6 - 1994 summer, j.jablonskis secondary school, 7 - 1996 winter-spring, i.kunigelis sound studio, 8 - 1995, centras studio. Released 2001.

to order: drop us a line. this one costs 10 eur or 10$.

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