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C-45; 9$

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"What a trip!" (Don Campau)

"... disturbing collage of sound which makes the listener experience so many different things that it almost seems like a journey into insanity." (Chuck Vella, Outer Seventh Records)

"... kind of zapping amongst miked organic sounds, noise, treated patterns ... The whole thing is at times stressed by some traditional industrial (Gristle-like) intermissions." (Alexander E. Wheill)

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Kernave album mixed with Natural Born Killers

Once I felt my album Kernave could couple with Natural Born Killers
the same way Dark Side of the Moon couples with Wizard of Oz.
No other movie, just Natural Born Killers. So, here you have.
Kernave and Natural Born Killers.
Natural Born Killers belongs to company it belongs.
(Pls, inform me if video was removed)


More opinions about this release:

"This is not music. This is the world." (Virginijus Mizaras)

"This may be one of the most indescribable and interesting CD's we have ever received. And times it is just plain spooky, which of course makes us love it even more. If you are looking for a really different experience, we guarantee you should look no further."

"Enjoyed Lithuanian samples." (Philip Page)

"Another offering from ENDICHE VIS.SAT, this time moving further into sound-collage areas. Disorienting and surreal, the two tracks on this cassette never move in directions you'd expect." (J. de Jong)

"It was pretty far out. I liked it a lot." (Matt Borghi)

"... this time focussing on traditionnal street foot stomping songs and voice collages! Intriguing and interesting noise manipulation! I've been listening to this just after their "Her Closed Eyes". It seemed as though I might know what to expect. Then a Lithuanian (I guess) folk song breaks in to smack me up by surprise. Actually, this Kernave sounds a bit different from their previous work; it tastes more concréte. Anyway, ENDICHE VIS.SAT hold fast to their style, chaotic and intense, which invades all their compositions. In a few words: interesting, alive." (Alexander E. Wheill)

"What a trip! Very interesting sound treatment. "... a bizarre sound and noise collage work from these Lithuania experimentalists." (Don Campau, No Pigeonholes)

"Voices and noises, streets." (Dangus prod.)

"... I like what I hear so far ..." (David Cotner)

"The Kernave tape is really strange & nice." (Stephan, Drone Troum)


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Text on inlay:


Music. Everybody knows what the words "Out of there" means... But there comes a time, when Zalgiris becomes the most important thing in the world. Zalgiris with his wife Marceliute and a SM squirrel blowing a concertina, but in the end this is not important - let's go to the market!
Trolley bus.
Here we will find rolled-up consumers, whose teeth are similar to socks. To funeral wreaths. To twenty-five. Welcome! Well, come to the market!
Remember that skipping music coming from the receiver in the corner?
"Everybody will cut off however much he needs, no?" asked K.K., Lithuania's Castaneda, looking at the gathered people. He was leaning over a moved table with a huge knife he had brought from home...
"Those idiotic words", it seems the skipping receiver is singing.
It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. "Who?" A zipper is heard... "Get out everybody..." (this is performed live in the "Langas" club)
But good rhythm will cure dust and the clogged musical instruments in the basement. Nothing's more important than dipping.
10:53 sound the stairs - they're not there anymore, of course. They were standing on the Nemunas' dock in Kaunas. That's these stairs' last recording. I came the next day with a tape machine that didn't make noise, but I found nothing there. Wait a..., were those cement stairs already there, or not? Probably not. At first only one side was changed, then the other. Commercial. Would you like to eat some commercial?
It's not important... It's all not important. Like sleep in a tree.

Meditational music for those who want to wake up not in their own bed... It's an excerpt from a session with the Spirit. Zalgiris. A recording from elsewhere. One way or another, the birds will carry us away one day. ...The only thing left is the rustling of the dried out water.
A dance with a doll of the Gnome Tukas in one's hands... In the middle of dark facilities. Not one eye looks at it... A picture in a river... A mouth for screaming and eating simultaneously. (Someone cried 'Wolf!')...
I just remembered the stairs from side 'A'. Not far from them was the store called "Mariakai". Damn, the Naujalis School they moved to children's boarding house! "The Cry."
A hidden crazyness is rising outside.
Here is a quotation from P.Horn's "Taj Mahal".
The end with a long sound of blue leaves.

Here is a list of the people, whose voices are heard at Kernave. The times shown depict their first appearance, prospectively.

2:58 - female passer-by 1
3:56 - female passer-by 2,
3:16 - male passer-by 1,
17:14 - male passer-by 2,
17:16 - male passer-by 3,
Salespeople at the market:
3:06 - saleswoman selling hats and socks,
3:42 - a salesman, who doesn't care,
3:46 - a saleswoman selling real flowers 1,
3:57 - a saleswoman selling real flowers 2,
4:05 - a saleswoman who invites people closer to herself,
4:31 - a saleswoman selling funeral wreaths,

Consumers in the market:

3:39 - a consumer paying in bucks,
4:36 - a consumer buying funeral wreaths,

Voices from commercials:

11:27 - Ruta Laukaityte,
12:03 - Marius Salynas,
12:04 - a female voice from the detergent "Surf",
12:11 - a male voice from "Omni",
12:15 - a male voice acting a dog,
12:17 - a boy's voice,
12:26 - a male voice from "A Festival of Mistakes",
12:34 - Viktoras Jampolskis,
12:36 - Kostas Skelevas,
12:36 - Aidas Totoraitis,
12:46 - a girl's choir from "Little Parrot",
12:49 - an infant's voice from "Gutalax",
12:51 - a female voice from "Gutalax",
13:05 - a male voice from "Practica".

1:40 - Konstantinas Kruzikas,
5:50 - Andrius Ziura,
6:06 - female singers from the radio,
6:24 - Jaras Ramunas,
6:29 - Laura Salciute,
4:14 - Donatas Smolnas,
9:03 - Aris M.

3:46 - a female voice from a foreign news agency,
12:02 - Gintaras Patackas.

In the background of Kernave - hordes of passers-by... Listeners...

Text (translated from Lithuanian):

Marceliute, Rozeliute, what is Jurgelis up to?
Sticking his hand into a decellete, heaven knows why. (repeated)
A squirrel is perched on a granary's edge
And lifting its tail it picks its ass with its finger. (Repeated)
FEMALE PASSER-BY 1. Come on, Adomelis, let's go.
SALESWOMAN SELLING HATS AND SOCKS. Get your gloves and hats here, there are two left, for men. Woolen socks made from wool, hey, still got some with wool, hey. They've got 'em, yeah, they're great, hey. (PASSER-BY (M) 1. It's a great little bar). These, yeah, these, these, and these, yeah. With wool. Seven Litas each. Here are some "Lycra" panties. You can wear them a few years, they don't rip. Twenty for three, twenty-six. And the ones with wool they're thirteen. Still got woolen ones.
A CONSUMER PAYING IN BUCKS. What if I give you more bucks two eighteen?
A SALESMAN, WHO DOESN'T CARE. Shoot, I don't care.
A CONSUMER PAYING IN BUCKS. If, you know, I do it at on...
A SALESWOMAN SELLING REAL FLOWERS 1. Please, with fresh flowers, if...
FEMALE PASSER-BY 2. Mm, carnations...
A SALESWOMAN SELLING REAL FLOWERS 2. We've got all kinds of fresh ones, if you want some. With fresh ones.
A CONSUMER BUYING FUNERAL WREATHS. How about for twenty? Do you have any with (A SALESWOMAN SELLING FUNERAL WREATHS. Twenty three Litas.) white ones, show me.
A SALESWOMAN SELLING REAL FLOWERS 2. ... but this one's not finished yet.
K.K. ...upside down. ...cut off however much they want, or not? Everyone will indeed cut off however much they want, or not? Oh, no way. Then why did I buy it?!. How much do you need? Is this enough?
FEMALE SINGERS FROM THE RADIO. Chereg nyeah! Those idiotic words, Chereg nyeah!..
K.K. ...upside down. Everyone will indeed cut off however much they want, or not? Eh...
Jaras Ramunas. Did you move the table? Very good!
K.K. What?
R.J. Did you move the table?
F.S.R. Those idiotic words...
K.K. You, chirping bird (L.S. Aha!) how I fell for...
F.S.R. ...e! Those idiotic words... Chereg nyeah!
ANDRIUS ZIURA. It is Pegasus.
K.K. ...ness will bog me down... ...yeah, of course. The fact that it's in the way is really...
K.K. ... by the window...
A.Z. Yes. Segasiti.
K.K. What I'm sayin', see, if I come, I gotta spend a hundred Litas for the trip, another will come from Alytus - another hundred, I say (L.S. stop!) ...they invited my to Sventoji... I say, they don't need it, ha ha.
L.S. Oh!
A.Z. What. I wrote it that way in my creative writing!
F.S.R. Chereg nyeah!
R.J. Oh baby... I didn't mean it. Inten...
L.S. You see, sometimes I dream up such things, don't think...
R.J. We'll take you ba....
K.K. You'll take be back... Five o'clock at latest... I won't let you even lie down, no way.
D.S. Whoa!
K.K. ...couldn't drive a meter!
A.Z. Segasiti.
R.J. Get out!
ARIS M. Ti do re do. Oh!
K.K. ... 'll meet... in the village...
R.J. Get out! Get out! Get out from the auditorium! Get out from the auditorium! Everybody get out from the auditorium! Get out! Get the hell out of here! Get out! Get out from the auditorium! Get out! Get out!
K.K. How much do you need? Is this enough?
D.S. I don't want any! I only eat white bread with jam!
K.K. Don't be so superstitious. Just take it and eat it...
R.J. Night sounds number one. The end. New, and improved, economical.
The joint-stock company's.... products - exactly what you need for your building project. We produce all sorts of ceramic tiles... fences; we produce... for your production! It's easy and comfortable to work with them!
RUTA LAUKAITYTE. Stock company "Ceramics of Rokai"... 745353074745303745303. 745303. 745303. 745303... Sev...
MARIUS SALYNAS. Home grown (A FEMALE VOICE FROM THE DETERGENT "SURF". It's no big d...) vegetables...
A FEMALE VOICE FROM THE DETERGENT "SURF". It's no big deal... Because Surf detergent contains bio... any temperat...
A MALE VOICE FROM "OMNI". "Omni" is... (A MALE VOICE ACTING A DOG. I'm coming!) (A BOY'S VOICE. ...stains...) ...stains...) An ideal piece of equipment for your garden house! (R.J. You or you're infant take antibiotics?) For bars! For stores!
R.J. ... with your doctor.
A MALE VOICE FROM "A FESTIVAL OF MISTAKES". An instantly it's better to live!
Sing, my dear ones, with us all together
And clap your hands and dance, everybody will be very happy!
VIKTORAS JAMPOLSKIS. I want to "Yummy Yummy"!
AIDAS TOTORAITIS. Listen to (KOSTAS SKELEVAS. What are you, a small child?) "A Festival Of Mistakes" (VIKTORAS JAMPOLSKIS. You're the one who's the...) and be careful having seen a plagiarism - "The Last Mistake-o!" You need only "A Festival Of Mistakes"!
A FEMALE VOICE FROM "GUTALAX". Are you constipated? Try...
R.J. the morning or in the afternoon
When in the kitchen the dishes pile up
Rushing to help you
Waving its hand
Dishwashing fluid "Guboja".
A MALE VOICE FROM "PRACTICA". To eternalize passing beauty...
K.K. A squirrel is perched on a granary's edge
And lifting its tail it picks its ass...
R.J. Do you wanna more satisfaction?
K.K. When you eat a head of garlic, then here!
L.S. For me!
A.Z. Segasiti.
K.K.'s a mess... (repeated) Some onion? Jawohl!
L.S. ...oh! (repeated)
K.K.'s a mess... (repeated)
L.S. ...oh! (repeated)
K.K.'s a mess... (repeated) Some onion? Jawohl!
MALE PASSER-BY 3. A friend of a friend...
R.J. The hail has stopped...
K.K. Feel free to help yourself to the sausage.
L.S. eh...
K.K. Come on now, give me some sausage, we'll all help ourselves to the sausage. Don't give it to anyone else. I said cut some off! (repeated)
L.S. Special for me!
F.S.R. Chereg nyeah...
K.K. ...they just eat it up, don't they, they just eat it up...
They just eat it up, don't they?

A.Z. This...
R.J. ...with his hands... (repeated) Attention. We begin after the clap. He rakes the table with his hands. (repeated)
K.K. Hurray! Hurray to Zalgiris!
The men of Lithuania are carrying glory throughout the continent! (repeated)
R.J. Is it supposed to be that way? (repeated)
K.K. But you... (repeated)
Hurray! Hurray to Zalgiris!
The men of Lithuania are carrying glory throughout the continent! (repeated)
Hurray! The men of Lithuania are...

K.K. ...did you know?
They are the grandchildren of Gediminas - no kidding!
They named themselves "Zalgiris", wonderful!
Let the whole world know it, isn't that scary?
K.K. Hurray! Hurray to Zalgiris!
The men of Lithuania are carrying glory throughout the continent! (repeated)
A..M. ...Do re ti do re do. O-oh.
R.J. La la la la la la (laughter)
La la la la la la (repeated)
R.J. Do you wanna more satisfaction? Do you wanna dance? If you wanna dance, so lets dance, if you wanna not dance, so not dance! If you wanna more satisfaction, so lets dance with us! With us lets dance!
A.M. Let's dance! Ah!
R.J. La la la la la la (laughter)
La la la la la la (repeated)
A.M. Ala paripa aya sa taya mara sa ara aya sa. Paripa. Paripa.
K.K. I like berries very much (repeated)
Berries and naked girls
And naked girls in a beer bar...
GINTARAS PATACKAS. Is the attractive looking at me. Me, me, me, me.
In Paris, it's autumn already,
Such an autumn, that hang yourself.
I called her by a soft name
Joan, Joan, Joan D'Arc.
Well, that's enough for this time.
R.J. until. Germanavicius. (repeated) A two-headed organism's masturbation act looks like this: one head kisses the other. And everything else takes place according to the rules of masturbation.
L.S. Special for me!
F.S.R. Chereg nyeah, those idiotic words, chereg nyeah...
K.K. yourself to the...

All recordings are from the groups' ENDICHE VIS.SAT, "ECHIDNA AUKSTYN" and from the archives of Jaras Ramunas. Mixed by R.J. From 1998 11 to 1999 06.
Thanks to Liudas Motekaitis.
Released 1999 by WRK Recordings


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