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Her Closed Eyes

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"It's combination of electronic sounds and altered human screams is a frightening listening experience." (Dogbowl Records)

"Loads of sonic explorations, and noises and elements collide to create dense, complete soundscapes! Odd rhythms, intense ambience, darkwave sub-level grooves ... Sometimes a Kosmische organ crescendos, or looped arpeggios peep in, to give it all that definitive hypnotic touch, too." (Alexander E. Wheill)

"A very interesting combination of neo-primitivism and sonic experimentalism." (Cohort Records)

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Listen to Her Closed Eyes:
Death in the Library
The Jump; Her Closed Eyes


More opinions about this release:

"I have taken it with me on my daily walk and listened on my Walkman.  I would say 'Death in the library' is my current favorite.  I love the looped sample of the footsteps walking on the creaking, wood floor.  Nice effect for rhythm. ... I enjoy your tape very much ..."
"I pulled out your tape again and took it with me on my walk yesterday.  We moved in January to a new apartment and so I go on my daily walks in a new place.  It's nice, it's along the bay in Newport Beach, lots of wildlife (rabbits, squirrels, birds, snakes, even coyotes!).  Your music on Her Closed Eyes is good mood music for such walks."(Michael Martin) "This Industrial/Hard Techno song from Lithuania's ENDICHE VIS.SAT is disturbing, to say the least! It's very experimental, and provocative!" (Dogbowl Records)

"Prolific Lithuanian group present an hour of involving collages, haunted melodic fragments, bizarre musical phrases, and surrealistic moments into fascinating pieces." (J. de Jong)

"... acquaintance with this work was a very interesting experience for me; a symptom about changes in our society ... I am happy to feel the pulse that I was missing." (Linas Vyliautas)

"... breathe new life into the tired old term 'industrial noise' manipulation. ... the latest from this Lithuanian band who play chaotic industrial noise, crowded by looped chants and pieces of music, with prehistoric videogame beeps and insane no-wave feelings here and there. Pretty weird, indeed." (Alexander E. Wheill)

"Listened to 'Her Closed Eyes' today and liked it very much. I've heard nothing like it yet." (Cohort Records)

"Mostly instrumental, well constructed and nice to hear." (Slav-Core)

"Unique dark/ritual/avantgarde." (Beverina Distribution)

"... really good." (Dorella Bruno)


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Letter from listener

I've listened to this tape several times by now and I wanted to send you some feedback.

Before we moved I took this tape with me on my daily 3 mile walk (for exercise).  This gave me a very good opportunity to listen closely as the music became a "soundtrack" for my walks around my neighborhood.

The opening track "Saturn" has a very urgent, almost militant sound with it's looped percussion and howling vocals.  It is a very powerful opener as it grabs the listener's attention right away.  I enjoy trying to figure out what some of the sounds I'm hearing are.  One sound in particular reminds me of a sprinkler as it quickly sprays water across the grass of a field.  Very well done.

"Death in the library" ... is a favorite of mine.  The sounds of those heavy (boots?) pacing back and forth on a creaky, (wooden?) floor are excellent for their abstract rhythm.  This one has a very nice, haunting, gradual build to it that gives it a dense, ominous feel.  I like the single notes that chime in semi-regularly and then gradually fade out, almost like a slowed-down, chiming second hand on the clock.  (I hope that makes sense.)  The looped piano riff playing underneath it all adds a very dark, trance-inducing feel.  And I keep coming back to those great walking boot sounds!  I hear this track as a musical accompaniment to someone's tortured mind as they repeatedly pace back and forth, unsure of what they are going to do next.  Great!

"The Rest" is a very good layered, drone piece.  I stopped writing for a couple of minutes right now to just close my eyes and listen.  I could make out a very faint sound of someone speaking, although unintelligibly.  And it sounds like that "sprinkler sound" makes another appearance.  The short, looped sound I hear sounds like it could be sheep going "baa" over and over, although I'm sure that's only my interpretation based on my imagination.

"The Jump; Her Closed Eyes" is quite nice to hear with eyes closed.  A very well done ambient piece.  Dark and sinister, yet mellow, sort of like it was "chill-out beat-less industrial for not-dancing to" (or something like that).  This would be very good music to provide a soundtrack for a film.  Are you familiar with the "Dead Cities" album by Future Sound of London?  This piece of yours reminds me very much of the feel and sound of that album.  Great textures and loops; I can hear a dark tension in this piece.

"Krishnamurti's renounce" sounds to me almost like walking into a mad scientist's laboratory on acid and thinking that his lab experiments have all come to life and are breaking loose.  One looped portion sounds like a computer "on the fritz" (this means "going crazy") as it tries to process confusing data.  This is the sound of hectic mayhem that refuses to let up until near the end where it leads into more of a free-jazz improv section. I like this ending as it combines the sounds of horn, bass, piano and high-pitched screeching.  It stands out from the rest of the tape and makes for a nice transition to end with.

Overall I enjoy this tape very much.  It has proved to be a very nice little escape into abstract sounds and noises, sort of like an audio-trip or an aural journey.  Any chance Endiche vis.sat will make a trip to play in America?


Michael Martin
California, USA

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Text on inlay:

1. Saturn ;
2. Death in the Library ;
3. The Rest ;
4. The Jump; Her Closed Eyes ;
5. Krishnamurti's Renounce .
"Straight! Straight!" shouted the old man behind me.
How are you driving? Seeing nothing most of people
begin turning round. That's a tested low of nature.
All things with no vision are turing round: planets,
electrons, every blind one is going round."Willem Frederik HermansMusic and conception by Jaras Ramunas
Keyboard solo on 1, 4, 5 - Ipolitas Kunigelis.
Thanks to: Valdas Ambraziunas, Aldona Grociene.
Recorded at I.Kunigelis studio in 8/96.
Cover picture by I.Kunigelis.Released 1996 by Ganesha Rec.

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