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Buta Vandens (Water Has Been Here, 2011)

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Music and performance by Jaras Ramunas. These recordings were made in 1994 and remastered in 2011.

Album was presented with a performance (only in lithuanian at the moment).

Track list:

A side

Been in a basement (8Min7Sec)
Doors was not for opening (5Min20Sec)
Been on a second floor (8Min44Sec)

B side

Būta vandens (Water has been here) (7Min11Sec)
The great one (5Min24Sec)
a) winter-summer (2Min31Sec),
b) entrustment of the world industry (1Min40Sec),
c) (40Sec),
d) beginning of the silence (1Min13Sec)
Beginning of the field (7Min9Sec)

Bonus mp3 track "Voice from S. Beckett's "That time".

1: recording started in the basement of former J. Naujalis art school seeds (now Curia) ' Completet 14H. Mixed ' and ' in radio "Studio"Tau"audio studio. Duration (first variant): 8Min32Sec. 2.: recording started in corridors of J.Jablonskis school, 1st floor ', completed (after the break 23.~3H) ' Mixed ' H30Min-'94.7.5.~6H30Min and '94.7.21.~1H30Min.~5H, at the same place. Duration (first variant) ~7Min45Sec. 3: recording started at former Academy of Music, Kaunas faculty (now Music Acad. of Vytautas the Great university) at the second floor corridor and 211 auditorium ', completed in '94.6.25.~ 23H. Mixed '94.6.30 from ~1H30Min to ~8H, at the same place. Duration (second var., longer) 9Min43Sec. 5: creation and recording started ', "Stiffed by winter and summer” part started '4.7.9 ~22H30Min started. '4 .7.10~1H. 4, 6 ~'4. Bonus track ~'4.
ENDICHE VIS.SAT Records 2011 (evsr 22)

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