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"... it`s great - I really like it. I love the clarinet and occasional drum on Side B, really nice. ... it is excellent music." (Justin, Cold Spring)

The music on this album is very fitting for music therapy sessions. Its meditative, relaxing flow creates a hypnotic mood of good vibration. This new age style album is also suitable for meditation, hypnosis, relaxation, self-hypnosis and for various yoga exercises. It is also a perfect romantic mood stabilizer. AR, in its overall effect, is similar to the now very popular "brain wave" program. (Please visit our Meditation page if you are not yet acquainted with meditation.)

There are two compositions in this album. In the first of these you will enjoy the relaxing sound flute, violin, gong and electronic soundscapes. (Total length is 28 min.) The second is a mellow, resounding clarinet solo accompanied by a gong and bass drum, recorded with high quality equipment in a XIV century European church (length: 18 min.)

Listen to excerpts of this album (Metamorphosis; Eyes and Playing in St.George's Church.)

AR is perfectly suitable for meditation or simply for a relaxing atmosphere when you need it. If do not meditate regularly, you can try this technique.

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Listen to AR:
Metamorphosis; eyes (remix of "The Drops into the Well")
Playing in St. George's church


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"Tracks one and two contain musical motifs which are sweet and serenade the listener." (Chuck Vella, Outer Seventh Records)

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Text on inlay:

1.Metamorphosis; eyes (remix of "The Drops into the Well")
2.Playing in St. George's church
All music, etc. by Jaras Ramunas.
Flute on "Metamorphoses; eyes" by Jurga Adomkute.
Recorded at:
1 - "Centras" studio (1995),
2 - St.Georges church (June, 1993).
Sound engineers:
1 - Gintaras Reklaitis, Vladas Grankinas,
2 - Giedrius Litvinas.
Mastered at G.Litvinas studio (1997).
Released 1998 by AR Muzika
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