Provocative questions by webmaster

Question: Are you insane?
Answer : No.
Q: Were you treated in a mental hospital?
A : No.
Q: Are you a sectarian?
A : No.
Q: Are you married?
A : No.
Q: Are you a homosexual?
A : No.

Q: Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?
A : No.
Q: Are you an addict?
A : No.
Q: Are you a vegetarian?
A: Yes. I have returned to the vegetarianism in 2008. I was distracted off it in 1996 under psychological pressure from the outside.
Q: Do you smoke or consume alcohol?
A : No, starting from my childhood, no. It is terrible how people draw smoke into their lungs, it is terrible, they cough after that. In general, it is strange that so many of them smoke. After all cigarettes and alcohol is nothing else but legal drugs, according to D.Lynch. Surprisingly, the majority of human beings, who consider themselves "progress fosters" -- that is

journalists, scientists and artists -- they all tend to use these drugs. If you already consider yourself as belonging to such, then refuse that what doesn't make you belong to such.
Q: Do you already consider yourself as "progress foster"?
A : No.
Q: How do you match the spiritual practices and creation work?
A: It's all very simple. When I listen to pop music, I hear that it has a tendency to capture you. It is all human nature - tendency to pop alcohol, pop women, etc. But since this descent is temporary descent into the a realm of false joys... When I realized this, I refused the previous direction. I do not want to be a straggler. The future depends on subtle sensitivity.
Q: What is the music?
A : Everybody knows what it is.

I would also like to remind you a monk that moped the yard and the pebble from under his mop hit the bamboo.
Q: What is the Buddha?
A: Everything that is around you.
Q: Who among your acquaintances is Buddha ?
A: What is the Buddha ?
Q: Thank you for the interview.

(Page created ~1998, except the answer about vegetarianism)