My name is Jaras Ramunas

...create music, performances and prose with poetry, mentioned in medias sometimes,
...publish CD's by other artists,
...organize events by Lithuanian and foreign artists.
My blog (in Lithuanian).

I cover my face with various masks during public appearances, because showing the face all the time is nothing else but vanity, sorry, I just said that. Recently I learned komusō () acted just like that.

Thank you for straying to my website. More on the next page.

I asked one good friend of mine to write about me :-) and here is the result:

Jaras Ramunas is a Lithuanian artist known for his inventive musical ventures and multi-stylistic stage productions. Jaras is a performance artist, musician, and author. He has organized countless actions, both orchestrated and spontaneous. He is also known for his solo theatrical work.

Jaras is recognized throughout Europe as a performer and musician. And he is the author of a collection of short stories that was published in Lithuania in 2008.

His solo theater work contains elements of black humor and one-man-orchestricity, numerous hand-made puppets, avante-garde costuming, and masks combined with musical performances

ranging across the spectrum from jazz to techno and experimental. On occasion these theatrical happenings are enhanced by dance elements and fireworks. Critics have described these works as "phenomenal hypno shows."

Jaras is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who performs on various wind instruments, keyboards, generators and vocals. He has written music ranging from classical pieces to pop tunes and has worked in collaboration with several international music groups including Krakow's 'Karpaty Magyczne'.

He scripts his solo theater shows. They are not improvised. While there can be elements of tongue-in-cheek horror, it is safe, there is no nudity or real blood being spilled.

Jaras Ramunas can stage his solo theater performances even in minimal spaces. Shows have been been staged in flats with great success.

Born in 1975, Jaras has been performing classical music on stage since childhood. In 1990 he launched his foray into performing jazz and experimental music with his first band. In 1993 he released his first studio recording, an experimental music album titled "The Last Subterranean Music". He began performing in Europe in 1997.

Jaras is a professional musician. He is the recipient of two degrees in music from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater.

He has released more then twenty albums of music and one book.