My simple CV

2008: started to work as a performance art teacher in Art school here and rumours say, I am the only teacher of this sort in Lithuania,
2008: Lithuanian publishing house "Kitos knygos" issues short story collection "Dzen dzen",
2004: completed Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, Magister degree (an equivalent to the Master's degree),
2003: first European tour with solo theater show,
2001 December: studies of composition privately with Giedrius Kuprevičius,
2000: return to the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy,
1998-1999: short stories at "Eraser", kids pages of Lithuanian "Respublika" newspaper, use "Ramritas" pseudonym,

1997: play for four albums by Polish band "Karpaty Magiczne" (formerly "Atman"). Albums are: ("Ethnocore" (1998), "Ksiega Utopii" (1999), "Baltyckie szepty" (2000) and "Denega" (2001),
1997: first concert abroad,
1996: first edition of my avant-garde music festival "Sumirimas" (renamed "Didelis Pasaulis!" for few years later),
1996: classical music started to be created more intensively,
1996-1999: work at "Pūkas" radio station as host and director,
1996: create ENDICHE VIS.SAT band that was dedicatd to avant-garde music only, start to play "understandable music" with "Echidna aukštyn",
1995: after closure of "Lapių" radio, host talk show at radio station "Tau" ("For You"),

1995: host "Tangomanija" show at "Litpoliinter TV",
1994-1995: work at "Litpoliinter" radio and television (radio renamed to "Lapių" ("Fox") in 1995,
1993: release my first album, "The Last Subterranean Music". Five presentation concerts around Kaunas city (Lithuania). Use "Linas Trečiokas (L.T.)" pseudonym. One album each year later (exept year 1999),
1992: leave Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, work at "Titanika" radio station (host classical music hour, arts program Menopolis, host "Absurdo naktipiečiai" (Late Night Meals of Absurd) show),
1992: short stories at "Jaunimo gretos" magazine,
1990: create art-rock and avant-garde music band "Echidna aukštyn" ("Echidna Up"),

1989: join the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy,
1983: published in "Lietuvos pionierius" ("Lithuanian pioneer") newspaper and in "Moksleivis" ("Pupil") magazine,
1980: J.Naujalis' Art School,
Born in 1975.