Jaras Ramunas'

CV in short

2017: "The Kings" performance, connecting classical music and theater elements,
2014: gig "Music of World War III",
2013: performance "Lbtpene, Ruler of the Stairs",
2012: received a Youth Theater Group of Kaunas prize for "The Truth of Pipe" performance,
2008: issued a book of short stories,
2004: completion of Academy of Music and Theater, Master's (Magister's) degree,
2003-2008: most intense European tours with solo theater shows mainly,
1998: "Zdzik" prize from Inowlodz festival,
1998-1999: short stories for kids in some newspaper,
1997: collab. with "Karpaty Magiczne",
1997: first gig abroad,
1996: first edition of Jaras' avant-garde festival,
1996: birth of ENDICHE VIS.SAT,
1995: host pop show at some TV,
1993: release of first album, presentation concerts around the town,
1992-1999: work at few radio stations as host mainly (classical hour, arts, popRJ), but also as a manager sometimes,
1992: short stories at some magazine,
1990: birth of "Echidna aukštyn" ensamble,
1989: join the Music and Theatre Academy (break 1992-2000),
1983: publications in some newspaper and magazine,
1980: Art School,
Born in 1975.